Story of karakiatto: it wasn’t intended, it all happened by heart!

Friends and relatives usually gather to meet each others, share stories and have some good times, like wise we used to have casual gatherings to watch a game or play cards and so. It took us few gatherings till we realized that the karak we used to prepare for the gathering made our friends & relatives want to gather again not only to watch a game but also to enjoy the karak we prepare. From there we started developing the concept of high end karak, we created a name that fits it, we named it karakiatto and we built our project based on high end standards that made our café a house of high end authentic & healthy drinks.

Karakiatto drinks

Our drink of the house karakiatto is where healthy & fresh ingredients gather in one cup to deliver an unforgettable tasty & healthy drinking experience. Karakiatto café aims to deliver customized high end authentic drinks from the Arabic culture with a modern twist. It doesn’t stop here we are also planning to have an adaptable products base in which to certain extend will respond to Arabic & European drinkers wants.


Our products are all made out of fresh ingredients, we don’t use preservative ingredients such as powder ginger or powder saffron, we only use fresh ingredients to assure a healthy & tasty product.

Our products fall down in three categories:
  1. Drinks : high end authentic drinks which mainly are the reason why we set up our café
  2. Cakes: you need a bite of sugar with every sip of a tasty drink.
  3. Authentic Sweets & biscuits:  those authentic sweets are highly enjoyable with the drink.

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